Business Process Management

Business Process Management Systems are the next generation of management software that empowers business users across all functional areas to quickly enhance existing business processes and create new processes with little or no IT involvement. BPMS enables business users to create enterprise-wide process flows that encompass people, processes, and information.

These process flows can provide clarity, promote common understanding and induce effective collaboration on all end-to-end business operations in a real-time environment. BPMS also allows organizations to transform into highly efficient enterprises capable of continuous optimization, accelerated agility and effective decision-making. BPMS provides organizations with a substantial short-term return on investment (ROI) as well as significant long-term value.

An effective BPMS must empower business users across all functional areas to quickly and iteratively enhance existing business processes to changing market conditions with little or no IT involvement. This transforms businesses into highly efficient entities capable of continuously optimizing enterprise-wide business agility through their ability to accelerate the pace and improve the quality of their decision-making and task execution while providing visibility and predictability across multiple, well-collaborated business functions.

The AgilePoint BPMS promotes exceptional process management practices by enabling businesses to quickly build cost-effective and highly manageable composite applications that facilitate continuous optimization of process and integration efficiencies.

With AgilePoint, business users who hold the company’s real knowledge and make up the enterprise’s frontline can not only quickly construct sound and executable process models that span systems and functional areas in the enterprise but also deploy them for end-to-end automation right from their desktops. Now, all different sides of the business management in the enterprise are able to implement and improve executable processes using reusable and executable business activity modules and functional parts built by IT. This allows IT to shift to building re-usable components, instead of struggling to meet ever increasing demands typical of custom code solutions. Instead, it can finally play a more strategic and the true enabler role for the business.

The whole company becomes like a self-improving ecosystem and a process-managed enterprise. This is how agility can be achieved, higher profitability can be realized, and differentiated competitiveness can be derived through continuously optimized end-to-end business operations efficiency.


The AgilePoint Advantage

As enterprises move to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to better align IT with business objectives, there will be a need for the ability to more quickly and efficiently create applications. AgilePoint is in a better position to aid with this transformation because of its integration with Visio and Visual Studio .NET. As SOAs become the bedrock of enterprises and modeling tools the standard way to build applications, the enterprises with the most efficient tools available to the highest quantity of people will be the ones that garner significant competitive advantage.

AgilePoint is also ahead of the curve in separating coding, integration, and workflow. The workflows created in AgilePoint are completely abstracted from code. AgilePoint also embraces an XML framework across all of its products. The ability to seamlessly interoperate with XML and the absolute abstraction are critical to enabling a robust SOA.

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