Retail, FMCG & Pharma

XAPT offers specialized services and solutions for effective supply chain management. From input point to distribution completion, our focus is on an integrated, solidified solution.

Strategic solutions include planning, forecasting, modeling, signposting and performance management. By starting with categorizing your supply chain model, we build your solution to reflect the sequential framework identified. Goals and operational standards are documented and built in for tracking and performance evaluation.

Tactical solution components complement strategic tools in the areas of inventory management; order processing, storage and warehouse management and invoicing. Synchronized solutions will benefit a wide range of industry sectors. Microsoft platform-based systems are leveraged to manage your defined distribution needs. We see you through the distribution process through each identified step – from the most straightforward system to a highly complex channel.

  • FMCG

XAPT’s intelligent system supporting the sale processes of FMCG products offers wide range solution to sale, discounts and promotions accompanying sales. Starting from the price offers to buyers through the procession of demands of partners and the invoicing process it ensures complete coverage in the fields of sale and procurement including stock processes of the storehouse and the financial and accounting integration.

  • Intelligent Warehouse Management

XAPT’s Intelligent Warehouse Management System supports every common warehouse logistics processes from receipt of goods through the put away, transfer, till picking and packaging processes. With iWMS you can handle barcode devices, perform central task allocation, controlling and scheduling.
Basic iWMS functionalities support various counting methods, label and voucher printing, FIFO and FEFO based date handling, barcode identification, RFID and ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) management, optimization of reservation and picking. You are able to overview, measure and analyze the whole business process related to your warehouse with iWMS. This level of integration and transparency ensures high return on investment. An „intelligent enterprise” cannot exist without this solution where all information is accurate and promptly accessible.

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