Energy & Utility

Utility companies around the globe face complex challenges due to unprecedented change. They are increasingly subject to mergers, acquisitions and privatizations and many former monopolies have been forced to pursue new models of value creation. However, having gained the capacity to develop in other sectors and geographies, many utilities have also expanded their spheres of operations. While these trends towards liberalization, convergence and competition are by no means uniform across territories and industries, technological changes are bound to transform the utilities sector as a whole.

Faced with an aging infrastructure, many utility companies are determined to take advantage of technological innovations. The advent of smart grids and advanced metering infrastructures increases billing accuracy and allows utilities to provide tailored offerings that currently do not exist or are reserved for only the largest of industrial customers.

Asset management is critical, as utility companies are challenged to implement operational and maintenance standards and practices to continually improve the balance between asset reliability and costs. Simplification and integration are needed to efficiently manage these geographically disparate assets and the large workforce that maintains them. Planning activities and the resources they require, is a complicated task. Mobile technology has become a key tool to maximize productivity, as field workers need simple tools that give them straightforward access to company systems and information.

Customers are also main catalysts for change. Increased service expectations, growing credit and collections activities and bad debts have made pricing a key issue. However, adequately dealing with complex products, customers moving house, building owners associations and unmetered connections poses a significant challenge to any system.

In order to make better and quicker decisions, managers need access to information that allows them to see the big picture. They need a single source of information, based on one version of the truth, which allows them to properly measure and analyze the performance of their company, and make the right decisions. Keeping operations, customer needs and regulation aligned is ever more important for improving the overall financial performance. XAPT’s Utility solutions offer a multi-commodity, end-to-end solution for utility companies to meet all these challenges. Today marks the end of a business-as-usual approach. It is time for a smart solution.

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